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About us

Clean Cut Copenhagen

Clean Cut Copenhagen is based on the vision of a menswear brand offering a comfortable and stylish top to toe wardrobe defined by classic Scandinavian silhouettes in a clash between the Urban and the dressed look.  

The 2 annual collections are inspired by the ever-changing diversity of the Copenhagen urban life and street attitude while holding on to our base in classic clean cuts inspired by Copenhagen architecture and Scandinavian design.  

We value the freedom to think and move freely, reflecting it into our collections and offering our customers an essential wardrobe where the majority of styles are added the perfect percentage of stretch.  Our goal is to create cool comfortable clothes that do not compromise style and fits every occasion. One of our main missions is to present clothing that lasts beyond the season in style and quality to reduce the number of short-term fashion buys, and we aim to move towards a higher and higher percentage of organic and recycled styles and the number keeps growing. In 2020 25% of our turnover was produced from either organic or recycled fabrics and in 2021 we have a target of 30 %. 

“Clean way of thinking” is a brand mission in more than one sense and some of our key goals is to: 

- Treat every customer like they are our only customer 
- Always aim to do better instead of just good enough 
- Deliver Quality, Reliability, and Value for Money.