It was some time ago in February when everything changed. That’s when Clean Cut Copenhagen was born, a brand that cuts through the uncertainty and ambiguity of fashion with its sharp looks and clean cuts. The streets of Copenhagen inspired us to create collections of comfortable and stylish clothes that are perfect for any occasion, season or time of day.

Our most popular and bestseller pant Milano jersey is always a good option; it's lightweight, comfortable and versatile enough to be dressed up or down. We also have our organic cotton collection for days where you want to feel cozy. Our Kolding t-shirt is a best seller t-shirt, which is perfect for lounging around at home and hanging out with friends.

At Clean Cut Copenhagen we believe in complete freedom of expression. Regardless of who you are or what your style is like, our range of stylish clothing can help create an authentic look that will make you feel confident and daring in any situation. With the mixture of modern trends, Danish hygge, family and friends - we strive to bring you a look that will stick with you forever.