Interview with Christian Bisgaard

Christian Bisgaard - co-founder and co-owner of Clean Cut Copenhagen


Why did you start Clean Cut Copenhagen?

I wanted to make a classic Scandinavian menswear brand where simplicity, comfort, good quality and simple details could come together to create a man’s new favorite styles. The collections all include a broad choice of basics whilst having a Scandinavian fashion look to them. Many men have their favorite items in their wardrobe and keep repurchasing the same styles again and again without much change. I wanted to create an even broader collection of favorites, and I wanted to challenge these habits of the comfortable man at the same time.

It was the wish to start a brand where the man can feel safe in his choices.

I come from the retail world, where I’ve experienced many brands that didn’t think of delivering the right products at the right time. It has become a special focus for me to ensure the best sell-through and profit for the retailers.

My goal was to create a brand that didn’t just think of the costumer in the end, but also had its mind on the retailers.


What and who are you inspired by?

I get inspired by the everyday life and the people I see daily. I’m so lucky to be living in the heart of Copenhagen and I therefore use the city to gather inspiration; from the people in restaurants, in the shops, at concerts, or I’ll get inspired from walks around the city. There are trends and inspiration to gather from everywhere, and it’s interesting to see what people are actually wearing. Often the best kind of inspiration is right in front of you. I generally get inspired by music, culture, sport – all the things I like.

I’m also keeping up with trends and tendencies on social media, and I keep my eyes open for what other brands are inspired by both in Denmark and internationally.


Do you have a favorite designer?

We have brilliant designers here and they inspire me, but a part from that I don’t have a favorite designer.


5 quick ones:

What is your favorite drink? Gin & Tonic

What is your hobby? I love running as it makes my mind peaceful, and I especially love Ultra Running. My latest run was in the Alps around Salzburg. I also love to play golf with my buddies.

Where was your last holiday? In a summer house on a remote island in the south of Sweden.

Which perfume do you use? Tom Ford – Ombre Leather

What is your favorite restaurant in Copenhagen? Lalala at Christianshavn. It’s a delicious, simple restaurant. The food is amazing, but I also come for vibe and the overall experience; good service, good atmosphere, good food.

Thanks for your time Christian!

Interviewer: Emilie Juul Mousten

Photographer: Sofie Jespersen