ADAM WINBERG - drummer

My name is Adam Winberg and I am a trained drummer from the Fynske Musikkonservatorium. I have spent the last several years playing concerts both domestically and abroad with a plethora of soloists and bands, recording albums, and contributing to the musical compositions of the bands I am involved with.

Music has always been an integral part of my life, as I grew up in a household filled with it. Both my parents and my younger brother are also musicians, so I suppose it was inevitable that I would follow in their footsteps. I can vividly recall my first experience with a drum set at the young age of three. It belonged to the drummer in my father's band who would later go on to play with Kim Larsen and Kjukken. The feeling of sitting behind the set was pure magic, a combination of intrigue and childish joy that still resonates with me to this day.

Although I am a transplant, I have called Copenhagen home for nearly 20 years now. To me, there is no place quite like this city, especially on a beautiful summer day. I adore our capital, and thanks to my profession, I have had the privilege of seeing and playing in nearly every corner of this wondrous place.

I found a passion for curiosity and inclusion within the music scene in Copenhagen. Suddenly, there were opportunities to perform shoegaze and noise rock at Nørrebro's legendary rock club, play jazz concerts at Christiania, jam to blues jams at Mojo, perform psychedelic music at Vega, and of course, take advantage of the city's vibrant music scene.

My daily routine varies from week to week, but one thing remains constant - I always start my day with a cup of coffee. Afterwards, I go for a run to clear my head and get my body moving. Then, I sit down behind my drum kit and practice. This routine is what keeps me grounded and focused on my passion for music.

Working in the music industry is not your typical 9-to-5 job. Every week is unique, filled with rehearsals, studio recordings, office work, and preparation for upcoming gigs. More often than not, I work anywhere from 60 to 70 hours a week. It can be tough, and it requires a lot of effort to make ends meet. But the feeling of sitting behind a drum set is indescribable. It's like a rush of adrenaline that can lift my spirits and make me feel alive!

Playing the drums transports me to a different world, where time and space cease to exist. It's a drug and a high that's hard to shake off. The fact that I get paid to do what I love and have people applaud me for it is simply amazing. It's not every day that you get to make a living doing what you're passionate about, and I feel incredibly lucky to be able to do so.