Our guide to Copenhagen's best museums

Planning a trip to Copenhagen soon, or are you already here?

Let us guide you to the best of what the city has to offer regarding culture and art. Here’s our list of the best museums in Copenhagen and what to expect from your visit.


Known for it’s statue rooms, beautiful architecture, fascinating exhibitions, and calm ambience, the museum is described as an oasis of art and culture. There are more than 10.000 artworks and archeological finds from throughout the last 6000 years. Enjoy a coffee in the museum café located right in the heart of the winter garden, the orangery-like heart of the museum.

Copenhagen Contemporary

If you’re into an immersive experience, then this is the museum for you, where installation art meets the multi-sensory. It’s a museum for all ages, and it’s more about your own experience and how you interact with the art, than it is about an artwork in front of you that you have to perceive in a specific way.

Danish Design Museum

Experience both fashion and furniture design exhibitions in this beautiful museum with classic Copenhagen architectural details. The museum exhibit design from the past, the present and the future. Denmark has been known for it’s quality in design, and therefore this museum is an interesting dig into the Danish cultural heritage. There’s also a museum café and garden that’s definitely worth a visit.

V1 Gallery

Not exactly a museum, but this gallery offers modern, provocative, and exhilarating exhibitions. The gallery is located in the meatpacking district, known it’s nightlife, restaurants, and just the general cool vibe of the area. Grab a bite at one of the many great restaurants around the corner, after you’ve checked out the gallery.

What will you be wearing when you visit these museums?

Here’s our recommendations for a stylish and cultural trip around the city.

Jacob coat

Stay warm with this modern A-shaped coat that’s both water and wind resistant of 3000 mm and is made from a breathable fabric.

Brad jeans

Jeans are always great for a casual yet chic look. These have straight legs and are made with stretchy for the optimal comfort.

Clean formal shirt

We love to see a shirt peeking out from under a jumper, and to achieve this look, wear one of our Clean Formal shirts. Untie the top buttons for a more casual outfit.