The Milano jersey pant

The use of stylish pants that are comfortable to wear has exploded in recent years. This is completely understandable as trousers that are so comfortable to wear can be used for so much. Dress them together with a blazer, or stylish and simple with a t-shirt and a pair of sneaks. Our contribution to this type of pants is the incredibly popular: Milano jersey pant.

 Whether it’s because of the soft, jersey fabric that makes it feel like you’re wearing sweatpants whilst it looks like you’re in a suit, or because of the fit that is the perfect balance between casual and formal, we don’t know. But what we do know is that the Milano Jersey pants are our best-selling piece year by year.

 A pair of pants that looks this stylish and business-like shouldn’t be able to be this comfortable but trust us – they are. Whether you go for a classic look with a black pair or if you choose a light grey for a more casual look, you’ll be surprised with the flattering fit and the casual feeling of the pants.

 Style the Milano pants with a fresh shirt as Sälen Tencel 196 for a relaxed and easy-going look. Let the plaids give you a weekend-feeling any day of the week and feel comfortable and stylish with this combination of some of our favorite pieces.

And when you want to make an entrance in style, combine the Milano jersey pant with our Milano jersey blazer. Voilà, and you are the king of the floor…