International Suit Up Day, 13th of October!

International Suit Up Day was introduced after Barney Stinson in the TV series 'How I Met Your Mother' always wore a suit. He even has a silk pajama suit. The day is celebrated on October 13 every year and is recognized all over the world. It is celebrated by both men and women walking around in a suit. Barney's motto, which makes International Suit Up Day celebrated and noticed on the same date every year, is precisely: Suit up!

We at Clean Cut Copenhagen (picture) follow Barney's example and hope you do too. Wherever you are on this day, we ask you to put on a suit and wear it during the day.

If you haven't seen How I Met Your Mother, we also recommend that you watch at least one episode of that series to understand what it's all about. And if you're looking and wondering who Barney is, well, it's the guy in the suit.

The Clean Cut Copenhagen suits are often with comfortable stretch, 2 buttons and single vent. A favorite is the Milano jersey suit (stretch, 2 buttons and single vent). Combine your Milano jersey suit with any color, such as a navy blazer with grey pants or a complete navy set. To top the Milano jersey suit, add a waistcoat. All other suits you choose blazer + pants in same fabric. 

Get a suit and look great all day, every day!